Powerful and melodic Metal from the UK.  

An explosive stage show, catchy songs and multi-layered orchestral arrangements have made Control the Storm one of the most well-known names on the UK Metal scene. 
Originally forming in 2010, Control the Storm released their first EP in 2011 followed by a full length album “Beast Inside” in 2015. 
A couple of years later, the band experienced a rebirth with the addition of new frontwoman, Firouzeh. Emerging with a more mature and developed sound, they went on to record their 2019 album “Forevermore”. Forevermore is an optimistic and uplifting record full of enticing vocal harmonies, complex orchestration and powerful guitar riffs – a fitting testament to the newly rejuvenated band.  

The new album – along with its singles “In The Night” and “Follow Me” – received excellent reviews worldwide with many songs receiving regular airplay on BBC Radio and Total Rock, among others.  

In the summer of 2019, Control the Storm played Bloodstock Open Air festival for the second time. An energetic, explosive and pyrotechnic laden performance captivated the audience of the Sophie Lancaster stage. An even bigger show is planned for their second stage appearance at Download festival at Donington Park in 2021. 

2021 promises new music from Control the Storm, beginning with the release of a newly recorded single and video “Desire” on January the 8th. The band also have many live shows booked including a UK tour as main support for Imperial Age in March and a 3-week European tour with Edge of Paradise, Hellz and Alia Tempora in September/October.

Says Tony Dolan of Venom Inc: 

“They are a great British band. Their intoxicating front-woman, Firouzeh, has a vocal that is both harmonious and descriptive – like a gypsy storyteller. 
Their powerful and almost orchestral style will take you on a journey – that’s at least what they did to me – and I highly recommend the experience!” 

Control the Storm is: 

Firouzeh – Lead Vocals 

Raedon Mac – Keyboards & Vocals 

Matt Smith – Guitars 

Paul O’Shea – Bass & Vocals 

Iliyan Vasilev – Drums